Apllicator AG2000 PRINT & APPLY

€ 7.900,00

De AG2000 is een heel pragmatische oplossing voor het aanbrengen van etiketten op uw producten. De opstelling wordt aangeboden in combinatie met een Godex ZX1200i (200dpi) Industriële Label Printer.

The AG2000-ZX print&apply solution is based on the same applicator arm like the AG2000 has. It is a system for batch labelling. The roll-on applicator head labels the top- and right side of products forwarded on e.g. a conveyor belt. The width, respectively the height of the products in one batch needs to be more or less the same but the foam rubber roller does enable the labeling of irregular shaped objects such as vacuum packed fish, bread in bags and wrap packed vegetables.


The AG2000-ZX solution uses the powerful ZX1000i printer series and therefore allows for higher conveyor belt speeds than the AG2000 does. The applicator part exists of a control unit and three main mechanical parts: a bracket that supports the printer and holds the diverter pulleys, a height- adjustable applicator arm to easily adjust to various box- and product sizes, and a ventilator unit. The diverter pulleys and the ventilator unit can be adjusted to suit particular label sizes. The crucial advantage of having the the ventilator unit is no need to synchronise the printer and the conveyor belt. In addition the ventilator’s capacity can be tuned to meet the specific weight, length and “memory effect” of the labels that are used.


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AG 2000 Datasheet
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AG 2000 ZX Infosheet
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