Semi-Automatische Dispenser Q60 (152mm)

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Artikelnummer: 110687

De Q60 labeldispenser kan worden gebruikt voor etiketrollen tot 152mm breed. Een Semi-Automatische dispenser voor gebruiksgemak.

  • Butt cut, or die cut compatible!
  • Multiple row compatible.
  • Semi-Automatic dispenser, pick, apply, and repeat.
  • Label Circuit boards, PCBs, small bottles, bags, ICs, or anything that needs a small label.
  • Side frames: made using the highest quality metals then formed, countersunk, de burred, and inspected one at a time at our facility.
  • Dispensing Tables: formed out of stainless. The peel edge is hand shaped to spec by our 20+ year machinist to get that perfect peeling edge needed to dispense labels without tearing the backing paper.
  • Dispensing tables are POLISHED with ultra-fine polishing compound so paper flows freely around the plate. (We do NOT use cheap teflon tape that will peel off over time!)
  • The Q45 motor is a shaded pole AC motor (No CHEAP 12v motors here!)
  • SA Dispencer Q45 uses Micro-Switch branded switches This switch is specifically designed to detect all kinds of labels: Paper, Mylar, Foil, Holographic, and CLEAR!
  • International compatibility: We use motor specifically for Europe and all other 220V 50/60hz, (no cheap 12v DC motors here)
    • Dimensions: 11"x11"x8", Weight 7 Lbs.

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